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What do you do to fight PTSD? Show your support by Commenting!

Fighting PTSD, anxiety and depression has been something I’ve been struggling with for thirty years.

If it wasn’t for medication management with a psychiatrist, intense therapy support and coping with my disease I’d be dead by now. I get agoraphobic a lot because of social anxieties due to the trauma, violence etc.

There are many different things I do to cope with my condition, I belong to support groups online and I put myself in check daily. There are some breathing exercises that I use, I concentrate on my senses, go for walks. Something that really works for me is adult coloring and I try to tell my story so it doesn’t happen to someone else.

Tired woman sleeping on the coach at office

I was codependent and I broke the cycle of that at forty. Also, I’m a survivor as a child and adult. Thank God I have people that are a very strong support group.

Having people around me has really helped me with my condition. Talking about it, about the trauma and sharing my feelings is something that helps me cope and face every new day as it comes.

I pray one day someone will hear my entire story.

What do you do to fight PTSD? Show your support by Commenting!

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