They Say That I’m Bipolar

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What do you wish people knew about having bipolar disorder? Share this story to show your support!

When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder I was told that I would go from hot to cold for no reason. I beg to differ. My problem is that I let things build up inside for a long time and don’t say anything. Once it gets to that point, I completely flip out. I mean like a bomb!

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When I do, it surprises everyone and they call me ‘crazy’. I don’t address the situation immediately because I try to avoid confrontation, hoping that the problem will go away. Hoping that the person will just let it go. However, 9 out of 10 times, it doesn’t happen that way.

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People tend to think that I’m soft because I’m a quiet and caring person that stays to themselves. They think that they can talk to me and treat me any kind of way. When I finally blank out, I’m the bad person! SMH! At that point, everyone is surprised and scared because they weren’t expecting it.

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Don’t get me wrong, I do kind of give them a warning by expressing how I feel in a polite, adult manner as the bomb is ticking but I guess I’m the only one who hears it. I go into a deep depression after because I hate getting like that. It’s to the point now where I don’t like to even be around other people because I know that it’s just a matter of time before there’s a problem.

I don’t even like going to work because I’m around people. I used to like to go shopping and attend social outings but now I hate it. I shop online and playing games on my phone is my social life. It’s so depressing. I don’t even go to family events. Everyone calls me ‘weird’ and ‘crazy’, especially family members. I’d rather it be this way than to be in jail for doing something crazy.

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What do you wish people knew about having bipolar disorder? Share this story to show your support!

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