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Fight For Tomorrow’s Sunrise: Reflection

I have come to the realization that for my entire life I was told I needed to be like a rock, solid, rigid and strong in order to survive in this chaotic, unpredictable, vile yet beautiful human condition we call life.

Fight For Tomorrow’s Sunrise: Good, Bad, and Ugly

When I awoke, I was cold sober. Nevertheless, my actions should have killed me, yet again here I stand. It was then I decided to seek help.

Fight For Tomorrow’s Sunrise: Origins

My name is Victor. The last six years have been quite challenging for my family as I have been dealing with the aftermath of suppressing over thirty years of trauma.

Who is Mr. Darcy?

“The other side of the river is my go-to place.” “So, You are Mr. Darcy?” Ex-Serviceman...

9 things people with PTSD want you to know

People with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) have often undergone situations that most people can’t fathom. Everyone experiences fear, but those with PTSD,...