Donate to Non-Profits

Here are some great non-profit organizations that are helping those with PTSD


PTSD Foundation of America

PTSD Foundation of America is a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring to our combat veterans and their families with post-traumatic stress. Many warriors are coming home with visible wounds; countless others are coming home with scars we cannot see, wounded souls from witnessing the horrors of war over and over again – PTSD. We feel it is our duty as Americans to help these mighty warriors and their families adjust and find their new normal.


PTSD 2Military with PTSD


Military with PTSD was started by Shawn J. Gourley in August 2010 on Facebook and became an Indiana NonProfit in 2012. Since its beginning, the Military with PTSD Facebook page has attracted more than 100,000 service members, veterans, caregivers, family members, civilians, and healthcare providers. This community has helped people overcome the stigma of PTSD and worked to provide support to all those in need. Shawn J. Gourley designed Military with PTSD to offer both peer support and peer education through connection to others who really do understand this condition and can relate to its effect on the veteran, caregiver, and family. At Military with PTSD, nobody sugarcoats any aspect of PTSD, including the domestic violence that can happen.